Professional service robot for floor cleaning
The Cleanbotics 750 is a compact professional cleaning robot.
Thanks to the presence of a docking station, the robot is able to empty and fill tanks of clean and dirty water without human intervention, dispense a cleaning solution, and also recharge powerful lithium batteries.

All this allows the robot to work up to 18 hours a day with a cleaning performance of up to 27,000 square meters per day (1500 sq.m. per hour).
Cleanbotics operates in challenging real-world conditions without direct operator control. This is especially valuable as staff shortages and increasing cleaning requirements can negatively impact the profitability of business. The Cleanbotics robot ensures consistent and efficient cleaning of premises, resolves personnel problems, reduces the consumption of cleaning agents and water, and allows you to monitor the process by providing progress reports.

Combine this with the ability to integrate with elevators and doors, intelligent navigation, very simple controls, and reliability, and It wil bel understandable why Cleanbotics 750 is the best robot for professional cleaning in the world.


Collaboration =

Cleaning has always been in the sphere of a person's responsibility. Collaboration between a robot and a human has a great effect. By taking on long and tedious floor cleaning tasks, the robot frees up time for humans to perform other important tasks more thoroughly.
Simple and clear
Working with Cleanbotics is as simple as using a smartphone – anyone can do it. After a short explanation, employees will learn how easy it is to operate a robot. It takes 15 minutes to start the robot in a new place. Cleanbotics Map (TM) intelligent technology maps the room and the robot is ready for autonomous operation. The user-friendly interface allows to assign cleaning zones, create a schedule and evaluate performance.

Waybot Cleanbotics floor scrubber robot
  • 24/7/365 in operation
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Does not require human assistance for draining/filling water and recharging
  • A very high-quality cleaning
  • Avoids obstacles and people automatically
  • Provides signals to warn people
  • Has an intuitive cloud management interface
  • Generates cleaning reports
  • Interacts with smart buildings

Key features

Cleanbotics are the best professional service robots on the market. Are you experiencing a problem unexpectedly? Our service team will quickly fix or replace the robot so you can get back to work quickly.

Service for trouble-free operation

Waybot Robotics

Specifications Cleanbotics 750

1500 m2 per hour
Labor productivity
24 / 7
Working hours
Type of brushes
760X780X1000 mm.
Dimensions (LxWxH)
60 cm
The width of the cleaned surface
Li-ion 24V, 60 Ah
8 degrees.
Maximum slope
up to 3.7 km/h
Travel speed
up to 65 dB
max. 270 rpm
Brush rotation speed
30 l.
Clean water tank volume
35 l
Dirty water tank volume
3 hours
Duration of work without recharging
1 hour
Duration of recharging
Suction motor
70 kg.
450 W
Water-collecting unit width
75 cm
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Do you want to know what opportunities and savings robots can bring? We will be happy to talk with you about the options for renting or buying a robot, as well as provide the robot for a short-term test.

We are Waybot Robotics.

In addition to wet cleaning robots, we also develop vacuum cleaner robots, disinfecting robots, sweeping robots for cleaning in medical and educational institutions, retail outlets, industrial plants, public places, airports, train stations and stadiums.

At the heart of all our robots is the patented technology of human-like vision, which allows robots to perceive the world as a person, to understand where it is, what objects it sees, what can be done with it. No other technology offers this versatility and flexibility.

Instead of expensive Lidars, we use high-definition digital video cameras, just like famous companies such as Tesla Motors and do.

Waybot Robotics is synonymous with innovation and the highest quality.

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Cleanbotics 750
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